Friday, October 4, 2013

Macomb Media Lab welcomes CTE directors from throughout Macomb County

Greetings, Macomb County.

The Macomb Regional Media Lab was buzzing with activity today as 14 Career Technology & Education directors from throughout Macomb County gathered to discuss social media and community contribution opportunities at our Clinton Township location.

Through Karen Johnston, career education specialist at the Macomb Intermediate School District, the Macomb Daily has nurtured a relationship with CTE students for years under the Making Connections banner. As part of this hands-on CTE training at The Macomb Daily, students and/or  instructors come into our offices to build a page with content creator, Kevin Martin, the Macomb Daily's CTE front man.
Conversation between Karen and Kevin, fueled in large part by the launch of the Macomb Regional Community Media Lab Aug. 13, uncovered a mutual desire to upgrade the student experience by taking advantage of social media and community contribution educational opportunities now available at the lab.
"Wow!" said Johnston, "the sky's the limit. I see so much opportunity for our students, as well as the ability to increase the visibility of our CTE programs  in our schools and community."

Today's event gave CTE directors the opportunity to learn more about social media tools like Rebel Mouse, Dipity, New Hive and iPadio, which give students the opportunity to flex their creativity while learning about new media marketing techniques.
"The students are already doing this (social media) on their own -- to harness that energy passion and apply it to the academic experience would be beneficial," said one director.
"Putting proper controls in place would be a factor," added another.

"A lot of these platforms definitely have academic applications and it the real-life experience they would get out of this kind of training would be invaluable, said a third.
Chippewa Valley High School's CT director Clair Brisson talked about the lab's educational potential for working artists, including her husband, who might want to learn more about marketing their work through social media tools such as, Facebook,  and Twitter.
Johnston and Martin are getting together next Tuesday to continue the conversation and begin to determine which direction this exciting joint venture will take.
Stay tuned!  

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